Welcome to the Prayer Walk outreach guide. Before you begin reading about this outreach, we’d like to make sure you know what you need to about San Francisco’s inner city by visiting the Backstory Page.

What is it?

The Prayer Walk team is so important to do the greater work of prayer over key buildings and locations in the Tenderloin. They will have the to be the intercessors and break through by prayer. 

The Need

City Impact was born from prayer and fasting. Every provision, growth and breakthrough has been because of prayer and one will man or women to be used by God. Someone can talk until they're blue in the face or work until they are burnt out. There are battles going on over minds that could only can be impacted through prayer and getting desperate. 

The Method

Once the morning session breaks out, you will meet your leader at your designated location on your name-tag. Your leader will brief you and cast vision on the impact you can make through prayer. The Prayer Walk team will go to specified designated buildings to pray for God’s intervention. The places that we’ve designated for prayer include: City Impact sites, Key strongholds & buildings, strip clubs, massage parlors, liquor stores, and bars. 

The Impact

There are 30,000 residents of the Tenderloin and the City of San Francisco is host to about 6,000 homeless. We believe that the greatest thing we can do, beyond the works of our hands, is to pray that god would intervene. We know that what we can do in years of work, God can accomplish in a matter of days, so we go in faith to select sites to pray over the people there and the establishment.