Welcome to the Mobile Worship outreach guide. Before you begin reading about this outreach, we’d like to make sure you know what you need to about San Francisco’s inner city by visiting the Backstory Page.

What is it?


The Mobile Worship team is our way to bring the sound of God's love to the inner city of San Francisco. When you are a part of a Mobile Worship team, you will be given the honor to sing and praise—whether your voice is great or not, you are declaring of who God is and what He’s done so sing with all your heart.

The Need

Whether it is a spiritual battle, mental illness, depression, isolation or just the need to be refreshed, worship is a way to sing out praises to God and where breakthrough happens. Worship is a part of the theme this year and is always essential to what we do! Every work at City Impact is from an overflow and outpour of love and praise for Jesus. Worship is one way to express that overflow and flame the fire. 

The Method

The Mobile Worship Team is made up of musicians and worshippers who will travel throughout the Tenderloin and surrounding areas to sing and worship. This group will: sings the songs off of the list provided, bring mobile instruments to play and pray and converse with people that are met on the street. The team will be on the move and go throughout the Tenderloin. It is good to find any accumulating lines like at the street outreach (Eddy & Jones) where you can sing with the people that are waiting.

The Impact

There are 30,000 residents of the Tenderloin and the City of San Francisco is host to about 6,000 homeless. For many people, the presence of God is something that people do not acknowledge and may have never felt. We hope to take what we do within the walls of a building where the church gathers and take it to the open air of the Tenderloin. We believe that the songs that we sing will minister to the hearts of those who hear and that it can change their life forever.