Welcome to the Medical Area outreach guide. Before you begin reading about this outreach, we’d like to make sure you know what you need to about San Francisco’s inner city by visiting the Backstory Page.

What is it?

Our Medical teams help bring physical, emotional, spiritual and mental healing to the people in the inner city of San Francisco. The Medical Area covers multiple stations including Medical Check-In, Wound Care & First Aid, Primary Care Referrals, Hygiene Kit, Medical Assistance and Mental Health & Prayer.

The Need

The Tenderloin community is host to many residents and homeless who do not have convenient access to healthcare. Many of the people in the community struggle with multiple acute and chronic health problems rooted in trauma, drug use, and/or isolation. It isn't uncommon to see self-neglect due to low self worth as well as a lack of long term health advocacy. In comparison to other areas, the Tenderloin community remains in the worst quartile for infections diseases, dementia, osteoporosis, chronic kidney disease, asthma, alcohol abuse, youth smoking and Hospitalization Rates due to Immunization-Preventable Pneumonia & Influenza 65+ (data from sfhip.org).  

The Method

Once the morning session breaks out, you will report to the Ray and Joan Kroc Center at 240 Turk Street for a briefing. You will meet your leader at your specific station will you will be briefed further on your specific medical care. There are different tasks and roles involved for each station so please be flexible to the care given to patients.  We are determined to provide the best patient care possible. Our Health & Wellness center philosophy cares for each patient: Body, Mind and Spirit. One of the most effective ways to care for a patient is to simply engage in conversation with them—asking what their story is or if they've ever utilized services at City Impact. We want to make have interactions that are relational and that’s exactly what the residents need: relationships and family. Because we will be interacting with many residents and volunteers, healthcare best practices of hand-washing and hand-sanitization are a must to ensure hand hygiene and to help prevent the spread of germs.

The Impact

Bringing love and healing is so close to what City Impact does every day. By meeting basic health needs and connecting people to long-term health care, we hope to help them find full healing in Jesus. Through interactions and providing services we hope to connect people to a greater family and long term relationships.