If you’re reading this, that means you’re probably interested in being a Team Leader. If that’s the case, then thank you!

Before you go further, please read our backstory page, which is a brief description of the Tenderloin. This will help you to understand more about what the Tenderloin and will help you to know why your help is so needed and valued. First, we’ll let you know what Team Leaders are and then we’ll let you know why we need them.

Team leaders are our way of describing people who lead teams of 10-15 people during some of our large events (like our Conference) or some of our weeks when we have many new volunteers (such as the Spring Break season). Team leaders usually lead these groups of 10-15 people in outreaches such as Meal Delivery, Street Ministry, Building Parties, and Women’s Ministry.

Team Leaders are individuals who are trained by City Impact to lead newer, less experienced, individuals by:

  1. Guiding them to the right places in the community such as the designated buildings for Meal Deliveries or on the right routes for Street Ministry & Women’s Ministry.

  2. Ensuring that each member of the group is safe and accounted for.

  3. Connect with volunteers and encouraging even the most reserved and shy in their group do do more than to simply give food or product away by conversing and connecting with residents.

We can’t emphasize enough how vital this is to reaching the Tenderloin at a grand scale. As you may have read in the Backstory Page (link), there are about 37,000 people in the Tenderloin along with about 5,000 homeless, that’s about 42,000 people! Beyond simply giving things to people, we believe that God desires to use people and not free food to change people’s lives. This means that our conversations, time, and love are the true vehicles for God’s work in the lives of the people here.

With that in mind, the next thing you would need to know is that City Impact has about 50 people on staff. If each one of us were to spend even ten minutes reaching out to each person a week, that would mean that would take each one of us 8,400 minutes, that’s 140 hours! To put that in perspective, a week only holds 168 hours.

Fortunately, we have large events in which anywhere from 300 to 2,000 volunteers, but our 50 staff cannot lead them on our own, that’s why we need your help!

Here at City Impact, we believe we serve a dual bottom-line. We believe that the people of the Tenderloin can be revived by the love of Jesus and that our volunteers will be revived themselves through sharing it—and you get the chance to bring the two worlds together!