Welcome to the Kitchen team outreach guide. Before you begin reading about this outreach, we’d like to make sure you know what you need to about San Francisco’s inner city by visiting the Backstory Page.

What is it?

The Kitchen in where the food for Our Meal Delivery, Building Party, and Street Cafe teams will be cooked. This is different from the Meal Prep team as Meal Prep does not cook the food but assembles it in to-go containers.

The Need

The Meal Delivery team is essentially supposed to deliver one thing to the community: the love of Christ. The ways in which they do it is through their conversations, their prayers, the food and also the way the food is prepared and delivered—with love. So much works together to witness to a hurting person—supplies, the planning, the food preparation, the people, the Spirit. The role of the Kitchen team is to make produce the cleanest and most presentable meals to support the meal delivery teams in their work.    

The Method

As a part of the Kitchen team, you will report to our Kitchen at our main site after the morning session. As you arrive, your City Impact leader will assign you to a specific duty either for the morning or for a rotational session. These jobs include stove management, chopping vegetables and fruit, making mashed potatoes, washing dishes, and more.

The Impact

Food is a language used to speak through all of City Impact's ministries. If City Impact were in France or China, the languages, French, Mandarin or Cantonese would have to be learned and spoken. In the same way, food is spoken as a language in the inner city. Among the 7,000 people who are fed on Conference day, is a hurting heart ready to receive the greatest love through a small act that renders an eternal impact.