Ben Houston


Ben and Lucille Houston are the Lead Pastors of Hillsong Church Los Angeles. They are passionate about God and the Church and have a real heart to see people find hope, life and answers in Jesus Christ. They have one amazing son, Blaze, and three beautiful daughters Savannah Winter, Lexi Milan & Bailey Love.


Christian Huang

San Francisco City Impact


Christian Huang serves as the Executive Director at San Francisco City Impact, a Christ-centered non profit organization that mobilizes people to intervene through a rescue mission, K-8 school, social enterprises, volunteer center, health clinic, and a school of ministry. 

In 2011, Christian resigned from his national sales position in health care after receiving a call from a friend who survived being sex-trafficked only four blocks away from SFCI’s main campus. 

SFCI is intervening in both the lives of the people in the inner-city and the volunteers they mobilize to serve. They believe San Francisco is an epicenter where SFCI’s model of ministry can be scaled and deployed to other inner cities throughout the nation. 

Christian, his wife Cori, and their four children live in San Francisco and have a burden to see the inner-city revived.

Roger Huang

San Francisco City Impact


Leaving behind his abusive home in Taiwan, Roger discovered both the American Dream and his French bride, Maite. 

One early morning in 1984 after getting off the graveyard shift, Roger Huang was waiting for a tow truck in the Tenderloin. He saw a young boy being beat up by a group of bullies. Torn between intervening to help the boy and not wanting to get involved, he drove away with a heavy heart. On the way home God laid the burden on his heart, “What if that was your son being picked on?” The next morning Roger and Maite made 50 sandwiches, and went back to the Tenderloin to give them away to the homeless. He began to return again and again to the Tenderloin and San Francisco City Impact was born.

Since founding City Impact, Roger has led many in discovering the power of prayer, fasting, and serving hands-on in a community starved for hope.