Welcome to the Footwashing Tent team outreach guide. Before you begin reading about this outreach, we’d like to make sure you know what you need to about San Francisco’s inner city by visiting the Backstory Page.

What is it?

The Footwashing Tent is an outreach where you get to wash the feet of our guests at the Block Party.

The Need

Out of all of the outreaches at our Conference, this may mean more for you than for the people who are served. Don’t think that you are being selfish by choosing this, it is not a glamorous outreach—but you get to serve as Jesus served. This will hopefully be a deep time of devotion for you as well as a shining example of what the Church is to the community.

The Method

If you become a part of the Footwashing Tent team, you will report to the 200 block of Jones where one of our City Impact leaders will brief you on all that you will need to know for the day. The primary task in the beginning is to ensure that the area is properly set-up. One the area is ready, guests will be allowed to come in and you will greet them as they walk by. For those who show interest, you can tell them in simple terms as to what we do at the tent—have them sit on a platform as you wash their feet. In washing their feet, you will have a pair of gloves, some paper towels, soaps, lotions, and pumice stones. While washing their feet, it is your opportunity to connect with them on a deep level, allowing them to share their story with you and taking the chance to share your heart with them.

The Impact

“Who would do this any why would they do it?” We love it when that question is asked. People from the community don’t expect this. They are used to be reminded of their low-status in this world, but this is our way of serving them with true humility and to let them know that acts like these echo the love of Jesus the moments before He gave His life.