Welcome to the Dog Washing team outreach guide. Before you begin reading about this outreach, we’d like to make sure you know what you need to about San Francisco’s inner city by visiting the Backstory Page.

What is it?

The Dog Washing area is where our pet-owning guests from the community can come to have their pet washed. Though it is primarily dogs, there may be a few cats that show-up.

The Need

Here in the Tenderloin community, many people try to cope with their loneliness and trauma with the help of a pet. Their connection with their companion animal takes an important place in their life but we also understand that the pain of the past still exists despite that friendship. So it is through taking care of their pet that we get to reach the life of the pet-owner.

The Method

If you become a part of the Dog Washing team, you will report to the 200 block of Jones where one of our City Impact leaders will brief you on all that you will need to know for the day. You will then help set-up the booth and await the opening of the Block Party. As people make their way in, your group will begin to greet those with pets and let them know the service we are able to offer. We will have multiple dog baths for you to use to scrub the pet in. During the time that the pet is being washing, you will either be washing the dog or cat or ministering to its owner. You will then replace the water and seek out another pet to wash.

The Impact

We could tell you in our terms the impact of this outreach, but here’s a testimonial from a Conference Attendee from one of our previous Conferences.

“There was one dog in particular (I can't remember his name), but he was 14 years old and you could tell he probably hadn't been bathed in years. He was black (mix of wolf and chow chow), and his fur was so greasy. I had never seen anything like it. He was really timid, I thought maybe that was just his personality. We washed him & dried him, and at the end his coat was a dark red color!!!! All the dirt, grease, & filth made it appear black but it was actually dark red! He left with a new spunk, no longer timid, but rocking his new do! And his owner was so appreciative that not only did we take care of his needs with haircuts & medical services, but we also cared for his best friend & companion.” - Previous Conference Attendee

If we can take care of their best friend, we can reach their heart!