Welcome to the Building Care team outreach guide. Before you begin reading about this outreach, we’d like to make sure you know what you need to about San Francisco’s inner city by visiting the Backstory Page.

What is it?


The Building Care team is our way of thanking and recognizing the staff that work at the residential apartment buildings by making gift baskets that you will deliver in person to desk clerks at the buildings. It is there that you will greet them and do your best to make their day.

The Need


We often do much to serve the residents of the 305 buildings in the Tenderloin, but we want to make sure that those who work in the buildings are not forgotten - we want them to feel the same love and attention as the people who live there. Their jobs are often hard and sometimes thankless so a positive encounter with us can make all the difference.    

The Method

When you are a part of a Building Party team, life will be sweetly simple for you and your crew. You will first be briefed by one of our City Impact leaders at (insert address and name of location) as a large group. It is in this briefing that you will be instructed as to how to interact with the building staff that you will meet. After the briefing, you and anyone with you will be broken out into groups of 5 and will have a set of designated buildings to visit. You will get a chance to get to know your team in the beginning and will be instructed as to how to make the gift baskets. Once the gift baskets are made, your group of 5 will bring them to the designated buildings where you will deliver them to the front desk clerk with the hopes of hearing how their day is going, getting to know them, and being a blessing to them.

The Impact

The staff at the buildings play an important role in the lives of the residents here. Many go to incredible lengths to serve the residents of their buildings and some may be secretly asking themselves; “who is looking out for me?”. We want to answer that question with the love of God and our presence.