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City Impact Conference is a ONE DAY experience filled with worship and Biblical justice by immediately hitting the streets of the Tenderloin (inner city of San Francisco) to engage in 45+ outreaches. Join over 2,000+ people to gather and scatter for this one day experience intervening for the people in the Tenderloin district as one body!


Chaplain earl smith

Chaplain Earl Smith is the Pastor of the Golden State Warriors and San Francisco 49ers. He brings a seasoned experience of pastoring and leadership over world renowned athletes and one of the most notorious areas—San Quentin State Prison. Chaplain Earl has walked down the toughest paths to minister to inmates as he records in his book, Death Row Chaplain.



It’s never been a question of talent with The Katinas. The Dove-award winning five-man band of Sam, Joe, James, John and Jesse have threaded a long, unbroken line of musical excellence and artistry through the years despite the pressures and uncertainties of the entertainment industry. But like the quote above describes, here is a group of men who truly understand the responsibility that comes with their God-given talents, platform and opportunities. They have fully grasped how to carefully handle them over two transformative decades.



The Warfield is a 2250 person venue with over 86 years of culturally rich history. Opened on May 13, 1922 and built by showman and theatre chain owner Marcus Loew, who named the showplace after his old friend David Warfield, a native San Franciscan who began as an usher and grew to be one of the greatest silent film actors of his time. Originally a theater, The Warfield became open as a concert hall in 1979 when a 2 week showing of Bob Dylan was booked by Bill Graham Presents. Located in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco, The Warfield is within walking distance of City Impact and many of the outreaches.

LOCATION:  982 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102



Health & Wellness

If you are a medical doctor or a nurse, join this team to help provide basic and free medical services, and offer an ear to listen and a hand to guide others. Select from various outreaches including Medical Check-in, Blood Pressure, Wound Care & First Aid, Primary Care Referrals, Recruiting, Hygiene Kit & Mandarin & Cantonese Translation.

Are you a good listener, patient and want to help move someone forward in their life? Join this team to help make a deep and meaningful impact in someone’s life. City Impact Social Service’s team will help dig deep and offer people help in very key and specific areas from legal and government assistance to job placement and housing and everything in between (located under Medical Area).
If you are a dentist or a nurse, join this team to offer basic and free dental services to those who need it most. Give someone a healthier life; starting with their mouth!
If you are an optometrist, join this team to help people receive free and basic vision care. It is amazing to see how a simple pair of reading glasses can improve the quality of life for someone in the Tenderloin. Help give people vision now and a vision for their future.
Join this team to give our friends in the TL the luxury of a relaxing back massage or an opportunity to be consulted by a Chiropractor. We need volunteers who are certified or willing to help with set up and facilitating the operations of this specific tent.
If you are a medical student or have experience in the medical field, such as allied health professionals, join this team to support our health & wellness outreaches in big and small ways!
Join this team to go door-to-door, building-to-building in the TL to identify medical needs of the most vulnerable community in San Francisco. This team will also visit TL residents who are in need of medical attention but unable to make their way to the health and wellness clinics.

Rescue Mission

Join this team to help wash people’s feet. This is one of the most rewarding and most difficult outreaches of the whole conference. It is amazing how little people take care of their feet. It is amazing to see a person turn from shame to self-confidence as we wash and care for their feet.
Join this team to help welcome the guests that will visit the Jones Street Outreaches. You will be the first face they see and will give our guests a name-badge. Warm and friendly volunteers needed!
Join this team to help provide people with a manicure, pedicure, makeup and a simple beauty makeover. This is one of the funnest tents as you get to dream up how to bless the beautiful women in the TL! And at the same time, you can listen to their stories and speak into their lives.
Join this team to help minister one-on-one with the Tenderloin’s homeless and residents. This is a very powerful outreach and requires anyone willing to pray out loud and minister to someone who needs to hear from the Lord. How can anyone be born again unless someone first labors in prayer?
Join this team to help provide free portraits for our guests. People in the TL rarely can afford to go to a professional photo studio to receive portraits; help provide guests to receive this opportunity. Photographers needed.
Love animals? Join this team to help take care of a very important part of the Tenderloin community: pets. Help provide some basic grooming needs for the TL dogs (and cats)!
Join this team to help sort and pack groceries for our friends in the TL! If your love language is gift giving, you will love to see the faces of TL residents light up as a bag of groceries - which they can't afford - get handed to them.
Can you speak Mandarin, Cantonese or Spanish? We need you in our translation team! The TL is home to many young and elderly refugee immigrants from Asia and Mexico, with little or no English skills. The ability to communicate their needs allows them to receive the assistance needed. You may also be helping our Cantonese, Mandarin, and Spanish speaking young friends at the Sports Bash and Carnival communicate with our staff and volunteers. (Mandarin & Cantonese Translation located under Medical Tent).
A cafe on the street of Jones & Turk where we can be intentional in how we love and serve the residents of the TL. Pour over coffees, pastries, and other food will be given out as we listen to, pray with and love on the people that come in for a cup of coffee. Baristas and people interested in food service needed!
Join this team to serve the city and clean the streets and sidewalks of the TL! Many of the homeless population find the sidewalks to be their home. Bring integrity, respect and cleanliness to the inner city to the inner city while representing the church body and Jesus.
A unique outreach at UN Plaza to bring care and love to people in the service of a sit-down meal and uplifting music. Think: Street Cafe + Mobile Worship.

SF City Academy

Throw a carnival for the kids and youth in the TL! Assist our school staff in setting up and managing a carnival game, food tent, or other festivities for the youth of the TL. Watch them let their innocence and imaginations run wild! At the same time, you can simply be a big sister or brother or parent to a child in the TL as you join them in the carnival.
Join this team to help throw a “Sports Bash” for the kids in the TL. A Sports Bash consists of basketball, rock climbing, soccer, whiffle ball, boxing, and other sports activities. Help facilitate a host of activities offering kids a day of fun through sports, and you can get to know the kids and compete against them.
Join this team to help enroll prospective students into SF City Academy, City Impact's K-8 school in the inner city. Help offer City Impact empower urban children and release them to excel academically, physically, spiritually and socially.

Adopt A Building

Join this team to help throw building parties in the Apartment buildings. There is something powerful in being a good listener and neighbor in the TL. Sometimes we don’t need to offer an “outreach” to the building as much as we need to offer “life and celebration” in the buildings. Here is our chance to get alongside our neighbors, bbq, eat, hangout, play games, and get to know some of our neighbors in the TL.
Join this team to help prepare the meals to be delivered. This is one of funnest teams to be a part of. There is a camaraderie with this team as they work close together to help prep the meal that goes into the “to-go” containers.
Join this team to help deliver several thousand meals to the residents of the TL. You will be on the front lines of serving the poor and the hungry in the TL. You will be able to meet the residents, pray with them, offer them food and brighten up their day. You will also get first hand experience in seeing the condition of the people in the Tenderloin; this outreach always moves people to get more involved in the TL.
Everyone needs to be cared for. This team will recognize the staff that work at the residential apartment buildings by making gift baskets that you will deliver in person to desk clerks at the buildings. It is there that you will greet them and do your best to make their day.

Social Enterprise

Join this team to cater to one of the greatest needs of the Tenderloin District. This team is an extension of the City Impact Thrift Store. Bless the broken lives of the TL by passing out clean clothes to those in need.

School of Ministry

Join this team for an exciting and adventurous outreach. There is nothing like the raw faith required for street ministry. Learn to start a conversation, listen to someone’s story and minister to someone’s need. It is amazing what happens when you ask a simple question, “How can I pray for you?”
Join this team to care for some of the most vulnerable and oppressed people in the inner city. Many women have experienced constant trauma and are in need of encouragement and unconditional love. Offer encouragement through love and tangible gifts to some of those who need it most.
Join this team if you love to worship. This is not about proselytizing or preaching, this is about changing the atmosphere of the community through singing and worshipping. We need all singers and musicians who can play portable, unplugged instruments.
Join this team if you love interceding for others in prayer! We need a team of people that are willing to walk the perimeter and streets of the TL to cover all of the outreaches with prayer. In addition, we will send you to the needy areas in the TL that need specific prayer.
Join this team to help secure the event at the Jones Street Outreach. The team will consist of those who will be in constant observation of the perimeter and activities on Jones Street throughout the Outreach session.

Food Bank

Join this team to help cook several thousand meals that will be served and delivered on the day’s activities. This team is extremely vital to the overall outcome of the day and will miss attending the morning session as the cooking will begin early in the morning. You will report to the registration area to receive your name badge and then directly report to the kitchen to begin cooking. This very special team requires volunteers who will serve hard, fast and without much recognition—yet fully satisfied in knowing that you have helped serve several thousand people a hot meal—the first in a long time for some.
Join this team for our newest addition to the outreaches for the City Impact Conference! This is a special team that covers all of the mashed potato production for the meals that will be delivered.

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Thank you to all team members, volunteers and leaders who helped with city impact conference 2016: Worship and justice! 

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