A Hands-On Ministry Conference

San Francisco, California

TBA, 2017


Hands-on-ministry conference


City Impact Conference is a ONE DAY experience filled with worship and Biblical justice by immediately hitting the streets of the Tenderloin (inner city of San Francisco) to engage in 45+ outreaches. Join THOUSANDS of people to gather and scatter for this one day experience intervening for the people in the Tenderloin district as one body! 

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Join us for our morning and night gatherings to worship and be filled up in the presence of God and be spurred on to serve and love others!

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Join thousands of people to tangibly serve others in the inner city of San Francisco through 45+ outreaches. 


San Francisco City Academy • Adopt a Building • Health & Wellness Center • Rescue Mission • School of Ministry • Social Enterprises • Social Services

Our multiple departments help lead our outreaches with the experience of running day to day inner city ministries. 

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